Proceedings of the 12th Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference “Beyond the Black and White”, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Melbourne, 6-10 July 2015

ISBN no. 978-0-646-94946-8

Papers - Part 1 Each paper published in part 1 was subject to a peer review of the complete paper by independent referees.
Boyle, Rhonda, Boyle, Robin and Booker, Erica Pianist Hand Spans: Gender and ethnic differences and implications for piano playing
Carrigan, Jeanell Resurrecting the Piano Works of Meta Overman
Chapman, Brian Grief, Denial and Rage: A revisionist view of Beethoven's “Moonlight” Sonata
de Lisle, Rae Focal Dystonia: An understanding for the piano teacher
Heald, Jody Philosophy in the Studio
Moorcroft, Lynda Managing Stress for Optimal Performance
Palmberg Piechocinski, Janet Bringing Sight Reading Up to Speed: The pedagogy of sight reading in the 21st century
Riddle, Glenn Concertos for Intermediate-level Piano Students

Papers - Part 2  
Brown, Wendy Practical Motivation Ideas for Music Students
Chamberlain, Robert Musical Creativity and Piano Pedagogy: A study of selected compositions by Australian school-age piano students from the Yamaha Junior Original Concert (JOC) program and the Team of Pianists’ 2011 creativity workshops
Edgar, Tracey The Sixty in Thirty Challenge
Griffiths, Mark Fostering the Development of Expressive Performance Skills Through the Implementation of an Expressive ‘Gestural Vocabulary’: A case study approach with six pre-tertiary pianists in the one-to-one studio
Kemp, Jo-Anne The Colourful Sounds of Miriam Hyde: Inspirations and influences
Milanovic, Therese Behind Ten Equally Strong Fingers

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