Proceedings of the 11th Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference “Opening Doors: The Complete Musician in a Digital Age” University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, 2-6 July 2013

ISBN no. 978-0-646-91130-4

Lorenz 2013 APPC Legendary Lessons: Studies with Maria Curcio


Papers - Part 1 Each paper published in part 1 was subject to a peer review of the complete paper by independent referees.
Boyle 2013 APPC The benefits of reduced size piano keyboards for smaller handed pianists: An exploration of biomechanical and physiological factors
Coote 2013 APPC Pedalling issues in the piano sonatas of Beethoven
Coutts 2013 APPC Why Can't I Just Play Already? – Addressing Adult Frustrations at the Piano Through Mindsets and Experiential Learning Strategies
Dumlavwalla 2013 APPC Scenes from a Jade Terrace, Fusing East and West Through Strings Hammers and Dampers
Forbes 2013 APPC Music in higher education: An emergent social learning environment in a regional university
Foster 2013 APPC Practice strategies for learning and memorising tonal piano repertoire: A new solution to an enduring problem
Noble 2013 APPC Approaching a performance practice of tempo, rubato and score interpretation in Messiaen's war
Roennfeldt 2013 APPC Percy Brier: Case study of a complete musician in the pre-digital age
Selmon 2013 APPC Piano and song: How songs assist in interpreting piano music

Papers - Part 2  
Carrigan 2013 APPC A little variation as used by Australian composers
Kotchie 2013 APPC Crafting music for children
Lester 2013 APPC iPad: Exploring apps, bridging gaps
Thomas 2013 APPC The forgotten Romantic: Discovering Max Reger's intermediate and early advanced piano compositions

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