Proceedings of the 10th Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference
“Leading Notes to Effective Teaching: Resolving the past - Exploring the future”
Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, 4-8 July 2011

ISBN no. 978-0-646-90142-8

Thwaites, AM, Penelope. Discovering Percy Grainger
(born Melbourne 8 July 1882 – died New York 20 February 1961)


Papers - Part 1 Each paper published in part 1 was subject to a peer review of the complete paper by independent referees.
Booker, Erica & Boyle, Rhonda. Piano Keyboards – One Size Does Not Fit All!
Pianistic Health for the Next Generation.
de Pedro, Jovanni-Rey. Play Piano Play: The Pedagogy of Friedrich Gulda.
Gearing, Phillip. Elements of Baroque Performance Style Applied to a Popular Piece of J. S. Bach.
Logan, Christine. Lively Interpretation Through Application of Musical Scholarship: Reflections on Beethoven’s Sonata Op. 13.
McMillan, Jan. Developing Teaching Skills for Mature Age Learners: Case Studies from Australia and Malaysia.
Milanovic, Therese. Healthy Virtuosity with the Taubman Approach.
Milanovic, Therese. The Taubman Approach to Piano Technique: What it is and What it isn’t.
Piechocinski, Janet. Unlock Their Learning Style! Unlock Your Teaching Style!
Smith, Rodney. John Polglase’s 13 Variations: A Significant New Resource for Piano Teachers and Advancing Pianists.
Thia, Sock Siang. The Piano Sonatas of Fanny Hensel and Clara Schumann.
Wilson, Rebecca. A Better Way to Teach the Notes than Mnemonics.

Papers - Part 2  
Bevan, Joan. To Be (an Accomplished Sight Reader) or Not to Be?
That is the Question.
Burgess, Jane. Early Steps of Romanticism.
Cooper, Suzanne. Piano Concerto in A Minor Op.7 by Clara Wieck Schumann.
Fisher, Judy. The Art of Beautiful Scale Playing.
Pedler, Phillip. The Blues Scale
Wiesel, Arnan. The Clavichord – a 21st Century Educational Instrument.
Zhukov, Katie. Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology (2011): New Australian Repertoire Grade 1- Diploma