Proceedings of the 9th Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference
"Expanding Musical Thinking",
The King’s School, North Parramatta Sydney, July 13-17, 2009

ISBN no. 978-0-646-55411-2


Papers - Part 1 Each paper published in part 1 was subject to a peer review of the complete paper by independent referees.
Boyle, Rhonda and Robin G. Boyle. Hand size and the piano keyboard: literature review of the technical and musical benefits for pianists using reduced-size keyboards in North America.
Michalski, Yvonne and Felicity Baker. Effective piano pedagogy: a study of teacher perceptions.
Pfundt, Lynette. Grade Piano Repertoire Database: an innovative and versatile approach to the piano repertoire.
Roennfeldt, Peter J. The (50) Variations (not by Beethoven) on a theme by Diabelli—monstrosity or monument?
Smith, Rodney L. The short piano solos of Arnold Bax, 1912-1922: a premature abandonment of the genre?
Turner, Angela M. Technology and the piano studio: a teacher’s new toolkit of audio and video recording and interactive games.
Wong, Ki Tak Katherine. Czerny’s approach to the teaching of posture and touch.
Zhukov, K. Overcoming performance anxiety for piano students—how to apply research findings in your studio.

Papers - Part 2  
Andreacchio, Debra. Kaleidoscope of thoughts, ideas and reflections based on Visions Fugitives, op. 22 by Sergei Prokofiev.
Burgess, Jane E. First steps of imagination – technical and emotional fluency (based on the music of Kabalevsky and Bailey).
Brandman, M. The many benefits of discovering the root progression in the music of classical and contemporary composers.
Deas, Susan. Improvising from lead charts: attitudes of Australian piano teachers.
Green, Elizabeth. Is Schumann’s Album for the Young really for the young?
Haskell, J. Pedalling the works of the classical era – balancing effective pedagogy and historically informed performance practice.
Loffredo, A. Contemporary music in piano pedagogy.
Patkin, Nehama. Ten habits of highly inspiring teachers.
Sampson-Kelly, A. The surprising outcomes of a group keyboard learning experience in an Australian Conservatorium.
Sykes, Julia. Bridging the great divide between Classical and Contemporary music and creating well-rounded musicians.
Zivkovic, Slobodan. How expanded musical thinking can simplify the path to artistic performance.