Proceedings of the 8th Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference
"Focus on Excellence: Questions and Answers",
The Australian National University, 2-6 July 2007


Papers - Part 1 Each paper published in part 1 was subject to a peer review of the complete paper by independent referees.
Broughton, Mary C., and Catherine J. Stevens It's Not Just About Sound: Investigating Marimba Performance as an Auditory and Visual Experience
Cooper, Suzanne E. Giftedness, Self-Actualization and the Edge of Possibility
Goodchild, Neil J. Liszt's Technical Studies: A Methodology for the Attainment of Pianistic Virtuosity
Herscovitch, Daniel Ornamentation in the Piano Music of Beethoven
Lockett, David R. The Scholar/Performer: a New Dimension in Music Research
Logan, Christine J. Refiguring Roles in Interpretation: Case Study - Gabriel Fauré's Impromptu no. 5, Op 102
Selmon, Diane M. Clara Wieck Schumann: Pianist, Pedagogue, Composer, Legend
Smith, Rodney L. Piano Pedagogy in the 21st Century Conservatoire: Reflections on Current Developments in the United Kingdom and Their Significance for Australian Practitioners
Watters-Cowan, Chérie E. Margaret Sutherland: Experiences as a Music Student, Teacher and Performer
Weekes, Diana K. The Meaning of Keyboard Musicianship
Zhukov, Katie Connections Between Understanding and Sight-Reading of Music in the Baroque Style

Papers - Part 2  
Andreacchio, Debra G. Dmitri Shostakovich: Surviving Fear and Turmoil of the Times Through His Inner World of Music - A World of Unlimited Fantasy and Imagination
Liertz, Carmel New Frameworks for Tertiary Music Education - A Holistic Approach for Many Pyramids of Excellence
Weekes, Diana K. Twistonality: An Approach to Musical Composition